Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hooked on Scrolls....

Just a quick update for anyone who reads this (all 3 of you!)...I will have a few more video uploads soon. I have been playing ALOT of the game Scrolls the last few days. Ive been hooked. I really like the game and have been trying to get deeper into the meta of the game.

Been playing a Decay deck and have been picking up new "Scrolls" trying to get my deck tuned best I can. I have been playing a ton of games against AI to try to get the deck to operate how I want.

Tonight I went and played 3 matches against players online and won all 3 matches!!!

So I guess Im at least getting slightly better. I do plan to put up a few more Scrolls videos soon showing my experiences and lessons learned up to this point.

That's it for now...see you in the Tavern next time.

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