This section will be used to list Playlists for some of my video series on Youtube. Tekk's Tavern is located at:

Crusader Kings 2 - Tutorial Series Playlist

This is my 8 episode series that helps new payers get up to speed on the Paradox grand strategy game Crusader Kings 2. I cover all the basic aspects of the game so that even someone who has no familiarity with Paradox games can get up and running.

Episodes: 8  Playtime: 2hrs 28min


Crusader Kings 2 - Let's Play (Croatia) Playlist

In this followup series to the tutorial series I play out a game starting as a small Duke and rise up to become a top nation in the world of Crusader Kings 2. The series contains tons of tips for new players as well as fun little easter eggs like funny video clips mixed in to keep it interesting.

Episodes: 103 (to date)  Playtime: 33hrs


Endless Space - Let's Play (Alpha) Playlist

This was the first series done on the space 4x game Endless Space. This series was recorded while the game was still in Alpha and shows a ton of basic game strategies and concepts. Great game with a great feel and pace to its action.

Episodes: 16  Playtime: 4hrs

More coming soon...

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