Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hooked on Scrolls....

Just a quick update for anyone who reads this (all 3 of you!)...I will have a few more video uploads soon. I have been playing ALOT of the game Scrolls the last few days. Ive been hooked. I really like the game and have been trying to get deeper into the meta of the game.

Been playing a Decay deck and have been picking up new "Scrolls" trying to get my deck tuned best I can. I have been playing a ton of games against AI to try to get the deck to operate how I want.

Tonight I went and played 3 matches against players online and won all 3 matches!!!

So I guess Im at least getting slightly better. I do plan to put up a few more Scrolls videos soon showing my experiences and lessons learned up to this point.

That's it for now...see you in the Tavern next time.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Forging a place in Solforge...Part 2

This is the second installment in my continuing travels in the world of Solforge.

I am continuing to play the game and learn some of the tactics that had earlier eluded me. This is not to say I am any sort of an expert...because I am far from being even competent at this point. But I do enjoy it when I pull out a nice series of plays that really all seem to come together the way I envision the developers intended.

One thing I have become aware of is the power of the Savants! Early on I had heard people mention these cards but I wasnt clear on exactly what the were referring to. Well I finally got a couple of them and see what all the fuss is about. They are VERY powerful. On top of that they are only considered "Rare" so they are permitted in "Un-Heroic" tournaments and so on.

In my Nekrium/Uterra deck I only have 2 Lifeshaper Savants and 1 Darkshaper Savant (you can have up to 3 of each in a deck) and I can already see the power of them. You can see in the pic level 2 the Darkshaper gives -3/-3 to enemy target (Lifeshaper gives +3/+3 to another target). The level 3 versions go up to 5/5. If you get a couple of these out and make two card plays to activate them you can get a chain of ludicrous proportions going. It feels awesome and a and dirty all at the same time.

From most the reading I have done 98% of the decks people are playing have the full compliment of 6 Savants in the deck if they own them. Each of the four factions have their own version. 

I am a bit concerned about this as it makes it seem like either you have Savants or you will lose. In practice I have seen it as such as well. I can win nearly all matches against Hard Ai now when using my "Savant" deck...I cant say the same for my non use deck. I have also had better results against players as well. I played about 7 games against players over the course of last two days. I won 3 and lost 4 with my Savant deck. In the ones I won I got lucky and got the only Savants I had early and was able to get an early advantage. In the ones I lost my opponents always had Savants and got the advantage early on me.

So again...this is a bit concerning...but the game is very early in its development still. They have a ton of features to add. I am sure some tweaking to things like this can happen. All it takes is for them to introduce one card that say "Give all your units +2/+2 for each Savant your opponent has in play" and then things shift. Im sure they have more elegant ways then my suggestion I thought of as I typed this update.

Anyway..Im continuing to play. Continuing to learn. Continuing to forge.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Forging a place in Solforge...Part 1

Last week I started playing Solforge. In all honesty I partly started playing as I was really having the desire to play some sort of card game but was not on the Beta for Hearthstone and did not want to pay the $20 for Scrolls. So I decided to give Solforge a try.....and boy am I glad. To the point that I don't even care about the other games anymore.

It is hard to describe when some game just hits that perfect spot for you. In Solforge you play a deck composed of 30 cards formed from 1-2 Factions out of a possible 4 to choose from. Simple enough you say? Yeah...and that hits on two of the things I really like. First of all I really like the feel and look of the factions. You have your typical nature based faction in the Uterra's. The futuristic technology faction in the Alloyin and the elemental fire faction in the Tempys. Last and not least the Nekrium which of course are the harbingers of death with zombies, skeletons and evil at every turn.

The other thing even though it may sound silly is I actually like that the deck size is 30. Although that may be a bit misleading as every card has 3 versions as they actually upgrade as you play! However...I like the idea of initially only having to organize 30 card versus the typical 60-70 of most other games. This allows you to make a bit more focused deck that is more predictable then most other games. Also since there is no resource mechanic like "Mana" you can play any card you get in your hand are never hosed because of not drawing enough resources early in the game.

I don't want this to go on to long as it was not meant to be a review or anything but I did want to point out some things I really do like about my time with Solforge thus far. I love the artwork. I like the fact the upfront learning curve is simple yet the underlying strategy and tactics are quite deep once you start to get into the game and see the different combinations and mechanics that can be used in your favor.

I do wish the game was a bit further along in its development. Things like no matchmaking, no trading or auction house, no persistent payouts other then a login daily and two match wins and no full screen setting are all troublesome. However all of these things are in the works and a few are very close according to devs (within a week or two as I understand).

The way I look at it is now is the time to get into Solforge. Its early in the life of the game so you can get in and learn and build your collection before there are rankings, tournaments and the like. Not that it will help my ranking at all...but at least I may be able to get at least one or two wins off those late to the party.

Solforge is fun and has great potential. I am looking forward to seeing if the developers can keep it on the right track. In the meantime I will continue to make updates on my travels through learning the game for those interested. I intend to forge my place in the game...even if its losing in the first round. =)

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Continued Renovations in the Tavern....

If you are here this is the main site for Tekk's Tavern (well in addition to the Youtube channel of course). But most all updates will go here from now on. Of course upload updates will go to Twitter and Facebook eventually if I get some of the configuration errors figured out on there.

But this page will be used to post all videos going forward as well as Articles and general ramblings.

You will see tabs start to appear above as I continue to get the site in order.

Again thanks for all the support it is greatly appreciated.

See you next time in the Tavern.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crusader Kings 2 LP Series - Episode 103 (Croatia)

Getting the Tavern stocked for business...

If your reading this welcome to Tekk's Tavern. Tekk's Tavern is a Youtube channel I have been running for a few years. Ive posted hundreds of videos on PC gaming titles and even boardgaming. Im in the process of setting up this blog for a more active and alternate source of updates and random shenanigans. Mostly its going to be a dumping place for all my thoughts and comments that dont require a video.

So thanks for visiting and be sure to check back for more updates.