Thursday, November 26, 2015

Taking "Paladins" for a spin....

Just a quick note that I am currently also playing a bit of the team-based shooter Paladins. This is the new game that is currently in Beta by Hi-Rez studios. The same company that does Smite! and Global Agenda.

So far its pretty fun and performance is VERY good. It takes a little to get used to some of the characters and mechanics.

I may do a Quicklook video on it sometime in the future so look out for that.

Putting videos up again....

Hey all 3 of you who maybe check this site.  =)

I am back posting a few videos here and there. Just put up Part 1 of a LP for the Sandbox game Kenshi as well as a quick Tekk's Travels video on Wow. Check them out below...

Also.... Happy Holidays to all of you!!! Thanks for visiting Tekk's Tavern!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Still around doing stuff....Boardgaming...

I apologize for my long absence. Ive been VERY busy with a new job for those of you who happen to see this. But things are settling down now after the holidays. Been doing a good amount of boardgaming as of late as well.

Just got Battlelore 2nd Edition. Its pretty awesome although I did receive a headless Calvary unit!!

The game is a ton of fun though and highly recommended.

More updates coming soon...I hope.  =)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hooked on Scrolls....

Just a quick update for anyone who reads this (all 3 of you!)...I will have a few more video uploads soon. I have been playing ALOT of the game Scrolls the last few days. Ive been hooked. I really like the game and have been trying to get deeper into the meta of the game.

Been playing a Decay deck and have been picking up new "Scrolls" trying to get my deck tuned best I can. I have been playing a ton of games against AI to try to get the deck to operate how I want.

Tonight I went and played 3 matches against players online and won all 3 matches!!!

So I guess Im at least getting slightly better. I do plan to put up a few more Scrolls videos soon showing my experiences and lessons learned up to this point.

That's it for now...see you in the Tavern next time.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Forging a place in Solforge...Part 2

This is the second installment in my continuing travels in the world of Solforge.

I am continuing to play the game and learn some of the tactics that had earlier eluded me. This is not to say I am any sort of an expert...because I am far from being even competent at this point. But I do enjoy it when I pull out a nice series of plays that really all seem to come together the way I envision the developers intended.

One thing I have become aware of is the power of the Savants! Early on I had heard people mention these cards but I wasnt clear on exactly what the were referring to. Well I finally got a couple of them and see what all the fuss is about. They are VERY powerful. On top of that they are only considered "Rare" so they are permitted in "Un-Heroic" tournaments and so on.

In my Nekrium/Uterra deck I only have 2 Lifeshaper Savants and 1 Darkshaper Savant (you can have up to 3 of each in a deck) and I can already see the power of them. You can see in the pic level 2 the Darkshaper gives -3/-3 to enemy target (Lifeshaper gives +3/+3 to another target). The level 3 versions go up to 5/5. If you get a couple of these out and make two card plays to activate them you can get a chain of ludicrous proportions going. It feels awesome and a and dirty all at the same time.

From most the reading I have done 98% of the decks people are playing have the full compliment of 6 Savants in the deck if they own them. Each of the four factions have their own version. 

I am a bit concerned about this as it makes it seem like either you have Savants or you will lose. In practice I have seen it as such as well. I can win nearly all matches against Hard Ai now when using my "Savant" deck...I cant say the same for my non use deck. I have also had better results against players as well. I played about 7 games against players over the course of last two days. I won 3 and lost 4 with my Savant deck. In the ones I won I got lucky and got the only Savants I had early and was able to get an early advantage. In the ones I lost my opponents always had Savants and got the advantage early on me.

So again...this is a bit concerning...but the game is very early in its development still. They have a ton of features to add. I am sure some tweaking to things like this can happen. All it takes is for them to introduce one card that say "Give all your units +2/+2 for each Savant your opponent has in play" and then things shift. Im sure they have more elegant ways then my suggestion I thought of as I typed this update.

Anyway..Im continuing to play. Continuing to learn. Continuing to forge.